architectural fees for homes and buildings explained


ARCHITECTURAL FEES is posted as a free and honest PUBLIC SERVICE disclosure to the public of many historic Architectural fees, rates & methodologies for various types of projects over the last half-century (and in some cases more than a century), along with disclosures as to the complexity level of various project types, as this has a direct bearing on the amount of time required by an Architect to devote to a project.  The complexity level impacts fees and hence, the fee rate, just as the complexity level of a surgery impacts what a Doctor and hospital might charge you and what an Attorney might charge you for various types of legal representations (based on the amount of time required and complexity of the legal issues), or what a Certified Public Accountant might charge to prepare your bookkeeping and tax forms, based on the amount of detail and complexity of your financial circumstances .

architectural fees

Architectural Fees (this website) is intended as a 3rd party PUBLIC SERVICE ADMINISTRATIVE resource to help people trying to get a better idea of what architectural fees are today.  Where: just about anywhere on Earth, in any industrialized country: Europe, Canada, USA and others.  There may be localized variations and any Architect anywhere is free to propose fees that they feel are warranted, not necessarily what the historic track record of fees appears to indicate on this website.  This website is not implying that anyone anywhere should be rigorously adhering to anything contained within it.  What people do with the information on this website is their decision.  This website is simply posting public information that anyone could have obtained on their own, had they researched the various sources of information contained herein.

There are links from Architectural Fees to other fee schedules posted online by various  companies throughout the world, major purchasing agencies in the USA, Canada, State governmental agencies (USA), individual Architects, and individual architectural firms and others, to document that the rates indicated herein are representative of what many purchasing agencies and others in the world seem to believe is commensurate with the amount of effort involved for various project types.

There is no blog or discussion. This posting is simply providing facts relating to architectural fees.  This website lists references and consolidates their information for easy public understanding.  There are many examples to document the average fee rate ranges indicated, so that anyone researching this website understands that the conclusions reached herein are not a single opinion, but rather a global society’s record of rates, including Canada, the UK, the USA and other countries.

Please read the ABOUT section to further understand the purpose of this website.