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Architect Design Fees in the World

Architect design fees in the world can vary, although there are some historic rates that have seemed to work for more than a half-century and longer in some instances.

For instance, these rates for residential architecture are pervasive:
residential architectural fees

architect design fees

Frank Lloyd Wright self-portrait photo , 1895

as are these for commercial architecture:

commercial architectural fees

When you think of an architect’s fees as about the same as the average sales tax rate in most state throughout a place like the USA, for instance, it doesn’t really seem to be very much.  No one seems to miss the cash spent on sales tax.  What one receives in return for an Architect’s design services, however, are a huge value.

Check out the value of an architect.

Project complexity, of course, has much to do with an Architect’s design fees, so this webpage may be interesting:  Project complexity.

What is fascinating about architect design fees in the world is that the historic fee schedules are primarily established by governmental entities, such as State purchasing and management departments, to help guide them when hiring architects to design facilities for that State.  It should be no surprise that these guidelines should then be applied to non-governmental projects.  Same amount of work, liability and effort.  For instance, checkout these “other fee sources“.  One is from multiple Canadian architectural societies, 3 are from State government purchasing agencies, several are from online architecturally related websites, an association for one type of medial profession, long-established cost estimating resources, Wikipedia, acclaimed newspapers, magazines and several architectural firms.  And those are only those that were quoted.  There are many more.  There is consensus on these numbers.

For what?  For an Architect’s services. Which are?
See here: Architect’s services.

Architect design fees actually have a great deal of similarity in the world.  Check out this website for your type of category for an excellent frame of reference.





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