architectural fees for homes and buildings explained

Architect fees in perspective

Putting Architectural Fees in perspective: is about how LITTLE of the project cost your architect costs you.  And what a VALUE they are.

What is meant by this?  Most people routinely pay SALES TAXES for just about everything we buy: food, vehicle purchases, even on the materials the contractor builds into your house.

Here’s a Wikipedia listing of all the State Sales Tax Rates in the USA:
USA State Sales Tax Rates.
It illustrates, that with the exception of only 3 states/districts, typical sales taxes with local surtaxes vary from 4% to 10.725%, with many States in the 8% to 10% range.

Let’s compare what you currently are already spending on sale taxes with typical architectural fees.


Architect average fees for Basic Services (on a house): 8% to 10%.

Does this start to put things into perspective?

For about the amount you may already be paying for sales tax in your life, you can have an architect design a custom home for you. 
Sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it?

And you can have additional services that increase this amount, but those are usually fairly modest, depending on what you want.


How are architects a VALUE?  What sets them apart?

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