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How Much Does An Architect Cost

How Much Does An Architect Cost is about the charges you may encounter having an Architect design and manage your project.

First of all, the entire term: “Cost” is relative in this particular context.  Because: having an Architect involved in your project typically SAVES you money, over and above what you pay them for their services.  So, when you think: “How much will I have to pay this person?” perhaps you should really be thinking: “How much is this professional going to save me, in the long run?”

If you were contemplating having a brain operation, you would of course hire a skilled neurosurgeon.  You certainly wouldn’t think of having your Uncle Roy bring his hand auger over to your garage for a medical session, would you?  Ridiculous.  And if you were falsely accused of murder, you’d want a respected criminal defense Attorney, right?  Not think for a second about being your own mouthpiece in a court of law with your life on the line.

Let’s carry this analogy through for just one type of architectural project: a custom home.  Which just happens to be one of the most complex types of projects there is on the planet.  And, unless you’re Bill Gates, your investment in your house will probably be one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive investment of your entire life.  So: you definitely should consider having an Architect design that for you.  The money you spend will come back to you in a number of ways, including the entire fee, over the life of the home, in energy savings alone.


That being said, an Architect will probably cost you somewhere in the rates described on these webpages:

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How Much Does An Architect Cost