architectural fees for homes and buildings explained

Other Fee Sources

Other Fee Sources: is a listing of links to other websites where reputable entities report their historical track records of architectural fees.
What these national, worldwide and encyclopedic resources underscore are the fees reported on this website’s Architect Fees menu item.

1.  Life of an Architect-1
perspective of an architect who designs houses in a firm with several architects.
8% to 15%.

2.   Canada Architectural Fees
created by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada,
also endorsed by:
Ontario Association of Architects,
Association of Architects in Private Practice of Quebec,
Ordre des architectes du Quebec,
Architect’s Associations of New Brunswick,
Architects Association of Price Edward Island,
Nova Scotia Association of Architects,
Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Architects,
Northwest Territories Association of Architects,
and supported in principle by:
Saskatchewan Association of Architects
5.15% to 17% fees ($500k to $1M simple to most complex withOUT engineering fees)

3.  State of Michigan Architect’s Fees
Published by the State of Michigan for use in determining Architect’s fees with the State.
4.7% to 10.7% ($50M+ down to $50k)  $500k construction = 9.2% for most complex.

4.  Architekwiki
Produced by a practicing architect and public information.

5.  Historic Architectural Fees in the UK
By a practicing architectural firm in Britain.
8% to 12%.

6.  Architectural Digest Designer & Architectural Fees
15% to 20% + reimburseables.

7.  University Architectural Fee Estimating Guide
University of Michigan Fee Guide for a variety of project types.
4.4% to 11.2% ($30M down to $500k).

8.  Washington Post Article re: Architectural Fees
8% to 18%.

9.  State of Alabama Median Fees for Architects
One of the pieces of information from this large state in the USA, is its identification of the various Levels of Complexity.  In this, it is interesting to note that this state declares the design of a residence to be in their Group V category, which is their most complex, and their fee schedule indicates Group V Basic Fees for construction costs up to $100,000 to be 12%, gradually reducing down to 6.5% (when OVER $50 million).  That would mean that homes in the $100k to $1M range would have architectural fees of between 12% to 9.3% for Basic Services.

10.  Houzz: Comparing Architectural Fees
8% to 15%.

11.  Architect Magazine Architect’s Fees
Journal of the American Institute of Architecture
9% to 10% (Basic Services), 10% to 12% (renovations), 5% to 7% (commercial)

12.  Wikipedia Architects
Online Electronic Encylopedia
4% to 12% (New Commercial & Institutional), 12% to 20% (Residential), 15% to 20% (Renovations).

13.  State of New Mexico
Architectural Fee Rates
(Most Complex projects): 11.1% to 7.6%  from 150k up to 10M.
(Complex projects, which include the design of custom homes):
9.85% to 6.6%  from 150k to 10M
(Average Projects): 8.85% to 5.5% from 150k up to 10M
(Simple Projects): 7.6% to 4% from 150k up to 10M.
In other words: the lower the construction cost, the higher the architectural fees.
State of New Mexico Building Type Group Schedule (see item
And interesting point is that this State governmental agency view Single Family Homes as among what they call “Complex Projects.”

14.  Means Cost Data
Referencing Means Cost Data as far back as 1998: 5% to 15% for architectural fees.

15.  Houzz
8% to 15% architectural fees for a custom house.

16.  FIXR
10% to 17% of cost of construction.

17.  Marcus Beale Architects (in the UK)
6% to 14.5% (note: this firm also has a complexity level chart)

18.  American Association of Orthodontists (USA)
Basic Services: 5% to 10%, Full service: 8% to 13%