architectural fees for homes and buildings explained


An individual posted this information, not a company and not an organization.  This individual has a half-century’s worth of experience involved in construction, architecture, design law, architectural fee calculation and architectural contracts, including design work as a licensed architect on about 600 architectural projects around the world.  Let’s call this person: Architect Roberta.

ArchitectRobertaMany people are confused by the lack of consolidated information of this type in the world, so it seemed like a good and helpful idea to post this PUBLIC SERVICE historical data.  That is the intention of this website: A PUBLIC SERVICE.  What is interesting is that there IS a lot of information about architectural fees around the Earth.  All you have to do is research on Google, the subject of Architectural Fees.  And up pops many of the references contained on this website.  All this website is doing is listing those references and stating the conclusions reached by reading them, along with personal experience as a practicing architect and statistical averaging.  So: this website serves to consolidate this scattered global public information into one place, so that people can have a single point of information gathering, much like a library helps people find information about a particular subject in one physical location.

This website is not part of any other website or any other entity.  It is a stand alone website strictly for the purpose of public information.  This website in no way has any market position in the UK, Europe at large, Russia, China, India, Canada, South America, Africa, the USA, or anywhere else.  This website sells nothing, markets nothing and represents no company, no organization and no group of people of any type.

This free and informational Public Service website is in no way suggesting that any Architects use this website to establish their fees or to suggest them to others.  Architects are free economically and otherwise to choose their fees as they deem suitable in their market system.  Nothing on this website should be construed as inhibiting any competition or other factors.  There is no implication that the information on this website is a requirement of anything in particular in any country.  The data was gathered by a single person, acting alone, expressing an opinion, displaying data that is largely available publicly, and presented as free information, to be used by other individuals however they believe is appropriate.


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